♠️ A) Age

I am 27 years old and will turn 28 in october.

♠️ B) Beast Feature 😁
I would say that my eyes, my hands and my smile.

♠️ C) Color 💗
I would say that i don´t have a favorite color, but the colors that i repeat are salmon, pink, light blue and black.

♠️ D) Destination that i would love to go ✈️

It would be a dream come true to go to bora bora, Maldives, Paris, Walt Disney and Argentina.

♠️ E) Excellent Day 🤩

For me, an excellent day in wich you can not ask for much is a good series in television, being in bed, with delicious snacks, in pijamas an with my baby.

♠️ F) Favorite Song

I would say that i don´t have a favorite song. But those who never forgot and who are always in my heart are those on my childhood.



♠️ G) Good food for me

The best food for me is the healthy food

♠️ H) Hair preferences

I love long or short hair. I´m open to experiment with extensions although i have never done it.

♠️ I) I love

I love animals, the nature and the chocolates.

♠️ J) Job of my dreams

I would like to have a job that lets me fullfill my dreams at the same time. A jobs that hasn´t borders, to be able to travel . A job that allows me to dress as i would like and not be tied to a uniform because life is short and i will not feel happy to get old and not have lived life as i wanted.

♠️ *K) Kids i want

I would like to have 2 kids. And i would love to have twins. A girl and a boy.

♠️ L) Last thing i enjoyed

The last thing i enjoyed more than anything else was one day i went to the beach.

♠️ M) Most magical moment

The most magical moment of my life, apart from having my family, is having found my boyfriend and falling in love with him.

♠️ N) Number of siblings 👫

I have a sister and a brother. I´m the older.

♠️ O) One wish

I want to feel completely fullfilled

♠️ *P) People that i love the most ❤️

I love my family more than anything.

♠️ Q) Questions i always asked ❓

What is the real reason for our existence?
What exactly is love?
How does money work? Why do not you teach financial education at school?Why society want us as slaves?
How could we be totally happy with the common problems that life has?

♠️ *R) Reasons to smile* 😁

My family, my bae, my life, my health.

♠️ S) Sorry

I´m sorry to myself for thinking since i was little that being older was the best thing that could happen to me. 👧

♠️ T) Things that i love

♠️ U) Unique moment

A unique moment in my life and the one i remember most with a lot of nostalgia and love are the birthdays that my parents celebrated because in those moments my parents are happier than ever. That doesn´t mean that they aren´t now but my dad was healthy.

♠️ V) Very valuable thing for me

My family, my bae, mi camera, my laptop

♠️ W) Worst habit

My worst habit when i´m anxious is that i complain about everything. 🤔 😕

♠️ X) Xrays you´ve had?

I´ve never had x-rays

♠️ Y) Yesterday?

Yesterday i thought about making these new articule that i thought was fun.

♠️ Z) Zodiac Sign

My zodiac sign is LIBRA